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Kokino - A one-day tour

If you are attracted by mysteries of any type, the megalithic observatory of Kokino is the right choice for astronomic viewing of the skies through the use of the precise natural marks left by a 38 centuries old civilisation.

A one-day tour

Skopje - Kostoperska rock - Kumanovo, Kokino,
Staro Nagorichane - Kumanovo - Skopje

Kokino Stone thrones, astronomical marks, plateaus designed for observations of the sun, the moon and the stars, a room for rituals - these are only a few of the elements of the ancient observatory of Kokino, where a civilisation that inhabited this area 38 centuries ago, unidentified by now, carried out astronomical observations of the skies. The megalithic observatory of Kokino is unique in the Balkans, and wider in Europe, for its values, whereas in its beauty it is up to par to the legendary Stonehenge.

08:00 AM, Departure from Skopje

Kokino 09:00 AM
Arrival to the village of Mlado Nagorichane - first stop and visit to the well- known basalt slabs (volcanic or magma slabs) that are remnants from the volcanoes in this area that were once active. Visit to the Kostoperska rock at the bottom of which remains of a Neolithic settlement have been found. Continue to Tatichev rock, where the ancient observatory is located, at an altitude of 1013 m.

10:30 AM
Arrival at the foot of the megalithic observatory, followed by a ten minute climb to the interior of the observatory. This observatory has recently been discovered and it is believed it was created in the bronze era, i.e., in the second millennium B.C. People used it in order to follow the movement of the sun and the moon, as well as for observing other phenomena in the skies. Visit to the room of rituals and the thrones. Observe the skies by using the ancient marks.

13:00 AM
Coffee break

13:30 PM
Descend to Staro Nagorichane. Visit to the church of St. George and the cave of St. Prohor Pchinkski. The church was rebuilt in the 14th century, on the same location where an ancient basilica had been built in the 11th century. The church is famous for the rare monumental Byzantine art. There is a legend related to the construction of this church about the hermit Prohor Pchinski and the Byzantine army leader Roman Diogen. Namely, legend has it; a wounded doe that was hunted by Roman Diogen entered the cave of Prohor one day. When Prohor saw Roman, he predicted that Roman would become emperor of Byzantium. Roman did indeed become emperor and he repaid Prohor by building this church for him that was devastated in the 14th century.

Kokino 15:00 PM
Lunch in Staro Nagorichane in the authentic village ambience

17:00 Departure for Skopje


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The price includes transport, accommodation, all meals, all sightseeing and full escort by a professional tourist guide.

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