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сабота, мај 20, 2006

Megalithic Observatory Kokino - One day Tours

One day Tours

Megalithic Observatory Kokino

every weekend

TOUR CODE WD 2005007

Duration of the trip: 9a.m. - 17p.m.

Participants: 6 participants minimum

Location: village Kokino

By Kumanovo, in the region of Taticev Kamen the only megalithic observatory in the Balkans was discovered. The observatory is one of a kind. The locality is called Macedonian Stonehenge.

This structure served to researches of the Sun and the Moon; it was built on Vulcan rocks, on a hill 1.013 meters above the sea level. It was confirmed that this location is from 1.815 B.C. The Kokino observatory was approximately built about 4.000 years ago.

08:00 AM Departure from Skopje
09:00 AM Arrival to the village of Mlado Nagorichane, visit to the well- known basalt slabs
10:30 AM Arrival at the foot of the megalithic observatory,
13:00 AM Coffee break
13:30 PM Descend to Staro Nagorichane. Visit to the church of St. George
15:00 PM Lunch in Staro Nagorichane in the authentic village ambience
17:00 PM Departure for Skopje

Price per person: 65 Euro

The price includes: transportation with a minibus, professional guided trip (any language) and guide's expenses and visit of the museum


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