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Kokino - Wikipedia

Kokino (Macedonian: Кокино) is important ancient observatory discovered in 2001 in the northeastern Republic of Macedonia, approximately 30 km from the town of Kumanovo, near the village of Staro Nagorichane. It is situated on 1013 m above the sea level and covers an area within a 100-meter radius. It is believed that represents an astronomical observatory and a ceremonial place. The cite is approximately 3800 years old. Kokino is consisted of two parts. It includes special stone markers used to track the movement of Sun and Moon on the eastern horizon. The observatory used a method of stationary observation, marking positions of the Sun at the winter and summer solstice, as well as the equinox.

The importance of the site was confirmed by the U.S. space agency NASA. It has been ranked fourth on the list of old observatories released by NASA.

The first five according to NASA are:

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Chochev Kamen, from Shopsko Rudare, Kratovo - 4.000 years old megalithic observatory.

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