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вторник, мај 30, 2006

Megalithic Observatory Kokino

Megalithic Observatory Kokino

The Megalithic Observatory Kokino is located some thirty kilometers on the northeast of Kumanovo. This site has a diameter of 100 meters; it is scaled on two levels, underneath of the mountain peak Tatikev Kamen, at an altitude of 1013 m. At the moment of its discovery in 2001, it was believed to be a special mountain sanctuary from the Bronze Age.

The more detailed archaeo-astronomical research carried out in the following two years showed that the locality has all the characteristics of a holy place, but also of an older observatory for observation of celestial objects. The most important characteristic of the observatory includes positions for observation.

Special markers of stone have been found, used for marking all characteristics points of the movement of the Sun and Moon on the east horizon. The observatory used a method of stationary observation, marking positions of the Sun at the winter and summer solstice, as well as the equinox.

Archaeological excavations are carried out on the upper platform on which valuable movable material has been found (ceramic fragments mostly), animal bones, pyramidal weights, fragments of two hones (grind stones) made of filitic slate and a kelt mould.

Ancient Observatory Sites 1) Abu Simbel, Egypt 2) Stonehenge, Great Britain 3) Angkor Wat, Cambodia 4) Kokino Observatory, Macedonia 5) Goeck, Germany 6) Big Horn Medicine Wheel, Mont. 7) Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 8) Chichen Itza, Mexico 9) Machu Picchu, Peru 10) Hovenweep Castle, Utah 11) New Grange, Ireland 12) Templo Major, Mexico 13) Armenian Stonehenge, Aremenia 14) Luoyang Observatory, China 15) Masuda Iwafune, China

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